No Half Measures: Travels…

Stories of our travels – food festivals, stays at small b&bs, road trips through Europe, winter getaways in chalets, boutique hotels in the city and sometimes going all out luxe!
Here’s our favorite places to stay, where to eat and what to see!

Road Trip: Autumn Colors at Home in Le Marche, Italy

I love packing my little carry-on duffle bag, boarding a plane, staying at cute little hotels and eating our way around the world – but sometimes it’s nice to be home & explore your own backyard. I live in a tiny town in Central Italy – Piobbico. You can try […]

Considering Moving Abroad? Workshop on How to Move to Italy & Start a Business

Considering moving abroad?! Today (November 9th) seems better than most to post this! We are very excited to announce our first consulting workshop on moving, living & working in Italy! After years of consistently receiving detailed-question packed emails from expat hopefuls curious on how in the world we did it […]

The Sturgis of Italy: Motocycle & Truffle Festival

Every October thousands of motorcycles decsend on the sleepy medieval village of Sant’Angelo in Vado in Le Marche, Italy for the international Motorcycle & White Truffle Festival! Revving engines, fragrant truffles, endless local craft beer and wine… what more could you want?! This year marks the 38th anniversary of what seems […]

This is NOT your average Cooking Class | Travel Deeper in Italy

 Travel deeper this Autumn… If you talk the talk, then this is your chance to walk the walk! We raise it, kill it and cook it – every October at our farmhouse La Tavola Marche, sharing with our guests the full circle of the food we eat.   The Annual […]

Sunrise in Sicily, Timelapse

So, this was what we woke up to each morning at Villa Athena! Sunrise in Sicily with a stunning view of the Temple Concordia, the crown jewel of the Valley of Temples (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Filmed on a GoPro – I woke up early and had to carefully change out […]

Amsterdam Food Truck Festival, The Rolling Kitchens

The “Rollende Kuekens” or Rolling Kitchens Festival is a massive gathering of food trucks from all over Holland – they descend upon Amsterdam for the weekend to serve of an incredible array of food from local & traditional to wildly exotic made out of over-the-top, creatively designed food trucks. The beer flows like wine, the […]

Costa Brava Dusk Timelapse

During a recent road trip along Spain’s Costa Brava we fired up the sometimes fickle GoPro for a quick evening time-lapse of the passing clouds and setting sun – and hey! it worked out pretty well this time. Finishing up the next #Favorite5CityGuide for Costa Brava filled with all our […]

Favorite 5: Weekend in Split, Croatia

Recently we ventured across the Adriatic to visit Croatia, a land… not so far away & surprisingly similar to Italy from the sun-bleached beach towns dotting the Adriatic Coast & friendly locals to the Marche-Emiglia inspired tagliatelle (local pasta) & brodetto (fish soup) these two countries, are like cousins with […]

The Best Way to Travel to Split: Seaplane

The BEST way to get to Croatia from Italy is on a seaplane – not only is it quick & easy it’s much more affordable than you may think! For just a few euro more than the price of a typically over-packed ferry which takes half a day or over […]

Piemonte: Spring

After a five hour drive from our farmhouse in Le Marche we arrived – grande Piemonte, we’ve heard so much about you from the endless vines, truffles and risotto to infamous Alps looming above – it was all true except for the damn Alps – we were fogged in the […]

A Michelin Star in the Making: Quadrat, Palma de Mallorca

Staying in the mountains of Mallorca we decided to drive into Palma for a romantic evening in the city. Lucky to get reservations at the hottest spot in town Quadrat at Hotel Sant Francesc, we arrived early to catch the sun set (we even did a live Periscope broadcast) from […]

Out of the Office…6 Transatlantic Tips

From our valley in the Apennines, up & over the alps, with a night in Atlanta we finally arrived in Austin! After a whirlwind week in Texas for a family wedding, I’ve got TONS of posts to finish up and share with you…from the long flights & even longer delays […]

The BEST Pork Sandwich Ever, Found at a Road-Side Food-Truck in Le Marche Italy

This post is a year plus in the making…During the fall of 2012 on a gorgeous crisp Autumn Sunday, we took the back roads through northern Le Marche with no destination in mind – just heading south through the foothills of the Apennines, meandering past Monte Cucco. Without a map […]

Learning to Fly in France

A year ago today Jason earned his Private Pilots License in France!! It is a huge accomplishment and I couldn’t be more proud of the work and dedication he put in to make one of his dreams come true!  Cooking has always come easy for him, like a musician that […]

Puglia: Olive Oil, Wine Making & Renovating

This week’s podcast is an in-depth interview with Villa Cappelli owners Steven & Paul. Away from the tourists in one of the most beautiful undiscovered Regions in Italy, we hear from two American expats about life in Puglia, their favorite local recipes, the scandals of the south (from olive oil […]

Rome on a Vespa

One of the most memorable experiences I have had in Rome is holding on for dear life zipping through the ancient cobblestone streets on the back of a Vespa! I’ve seen the major sites of Rome, guided by torn pages of Rick Steves, wandered the city at night with local […]

Mallorca’s Hidden Sustainable Sanctuary

High in the mountains of Mallorca, many miles from the sea, nestled in the Serra Tramuntana is the sleepy village of Puigpunyent that hides a great history…it’s the stuff legends are made of; a valiant pirate turned knight, a king’s gift of an immense estate and centuries of olives pressed […]

Podcast from Italy: The Best Airport in Europe for a Long Layover

Our latest “Podcast from Italy” episode is up on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! This episode Jason and I share stories of our recent travels to Bordeaux, France & Mallorca Spain, including the best place for a layover in Europe! The househunting continues for the next great farmhouse for La Tavola […]

StoryTellers Rome

Unplug and spend an evening away from the TV and Facebook with actual real live people telling stories…that’s it, an old school, throw-back evening of just listening to Story Tellers. This is how I grew up – gathered around the kitchen table late at night listening to my colorful Irish-Catholic […]

Exploring the Pelopennes

Travel to the rarely visited Mani Peninsula in The Peloponnese and you will be greatly rewarded with an authentic Greek experience (away from the clubs and wild nightlife found on its famous islands). The best way to explore The Peloponnese is by renting a car and driving the coastline stopping […]

Rome Off the Beaten Path: Food Tour

Living in Italy we’ve been to Rome a dozen times but always totting family & friends around to see the Greatest Hits: Colosseum, Patheon, Vatican, Spanish Steps… you know the drill. So on a recent winter weekend to Rome we decided to get off the beaten path and finally explore […]

#WinterinRome on Instagram

All roads lead to Rome…and last Friday we packed our bags and hit the road! Invited to join a talented group of food & travel bloggers/writers for a weekend of events & tours highlighting Rome in the winter; we visited little known neighborhoods, ate TONS of food, zipped about on […]

A Blend of Luxury & Sustainability in Barcelona

As the snow was falling in Italy our plane gently landed on a warm winter night in Barcelona. A winter weekend getaway back to one of our favorite cities – The Mercer Hotel Barcelona is flawless blend of luxury & design with sustainability and rich history in the heart of […]

Podcast from Italy: Barcelona, Travelling Without a Passport & Sausage Making

Lots to talk about this episode of Podcast from Italy – We just returned from a weekend getaway to Barcelona with beautiful weather & a memorable stay at the Mercer Hotel Barcelona. We share the highlights of our amazing first look/taste of the new menu at Kresios. Find out how […]

Festa della Befana: The Italian Folklore, Festival & Food!

    A “Taste of Italy” episode celebrating Festa della Befana – A short film capturing the magic of Befana with the smell of roasted chestnuts and spiced wine, the cold air fills with festive music as Befana’s of all ages descend upon the cobblestone streets to celebrate in Urbania […]

Sicily: Valley of Temples

This November we booked a last minute flight from Rome to Palermo for a Sicilian getaway! First stop: Agrigento or The Valley of Temples (Valle dei Templi), it may just be the 8th Wonder of the World if you ask me. This was our second trip to the UNESCO World […]

A Tuscan Christmas Gathering

Over the rivers and through the woods passing thru Le Marche and Umbria along the way, to gather by the roaring fire & meet new friends,  to share a festive table & eat a gorgeous meal. We poured endless red, ate too much and returned home late into the night, […]

Why We Travel: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Put down that caramel-colored watery condiment known as balsamic vinegar of Modena & try the real deal! (And trust me whatever you’re using, no matter what you spent, ‘aint this!) Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena D.O.P.  is like nothing you’ve ever tasted, a thick sweet syrup that must be aged […]

Taste of Italy: Pizza Bianco with Potatoes & Rosemary

A taste of Italy from La Tavola Marche (farm, inn and cooking school) – a local favorite is Pizza Bianco made without sauce and instead with thinly sliced potatoes, ricotta, rosemary, sea salt & olive oil! Each week the wood burning oven is fired up for Thursday’s Pizza Night Dinner […]

Apecchio’s White Truffle & Local Craft Beer Festival

  White truffle season has officially begun in Italy, as usual the festivities kick off at Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco Internazionale in Apecchio. Apecchio (our neighboring villages) is located in the “Truffle Valley” of Le Marche, the festival marks the ‘unveiling’ of the white truffles and talk begins on […]

Rome in a Whirlwind, Photo Guide to 6 Hours in the Eternal City

It is entirely possible to see almost everything in under 6 hours in Rome. Ok, not everything but enough to fill your photo album and Facebook your friends! For those of you that are art enthusiasts, church lovers, architecture buffs & Da Vinci  code-breakers this is not the grand tour […]

5 Favorite Places to Eat FISH in Fano on Any Budget

We live in the foothills of the Apennines, the kingdom of pork and rich meaty dishes from the mountains, so when we want to eat-out in Le Marche where do we go from something different…Fano for pesce fish of course! Fano is the ancient Roman seaside settlement, complete with the […]

Norcia: A Land of Pork, Butchers, Boar and Truffles

We recently spent a night in Norcia (Umbria) a land famous for it’s pork, butchers, wild boar and truffles. (Not so different from our neck of the woods in Le Marche.) Just over two hours from Rome (and about two hour from our farmhouse) time seems to stand still, it […]