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The BEST way to get to Croatia from Italy is on a seaplane – not only is it quick & easy it’s much more affordable than you may think!

For just a few euro more than the price of a typically over-packed ferry which takes half a day or over night – you can arrive in under an hour in the port of Split in a seaplane. I was so excited to discover this new service from Ancona and Pescara airports in Le Marche, Italy to destinations dotting the Croatian Coast by European Coastal Airlines!


This was our first trip on a seaplane and aside from one other passenger, Jason & I had the 19-seat Dehavilland Twin Otter 6 to ourselves! Jason bee-lined it to the front and basically straddled the cockpit the entire flight. It took all his self-control not to pepper the pilots with questions.

Flying out over Monte Conero we headed due East for Split. Before I knew it we were flying over the channel of Dalamatian Islands at 1500 feet. Now hugging the Croatian coast we made our descent to Split for a water landing!!

(Here’s a little iphone video I took during the flight & landing – be sure to watch in HD!)

When the windscreen fills with water it is a wild sensation! You are used to seeing land and other planes, instead you are in the sea and landing next cruise ships!

On a sidenote: I know some people are nervous or hesitant to fly in small planes – but this plane really isn’t that small AND because of boring science stuff – flying over the water usually produces nice smooth air. And it’s a seaplane – you can land anywhere!


Seaplane 4

Seaplane 9

It was literally smooth sailing right into the marina. And I think this was my favorite part of the entire experience – disembarking/deboarding not to a full chaotic foreign airport but instead the co-pilot offers you his hand to step from the plane’s pontoon up to the dock, walk a few feet to the tiny glass office/kiosk for customs/board control. A quick swipe of our passports and a five minute walk by foot we are in the center of ‘downtown’ Split with a drink in hand!

Seaplane office.jpeg

Here are a few photos from our return home to Ancona – the sky was a bit stormy but it was no problem at all! Check back for an upcoming post on our 3 Night Getaway to Split and we’ll share with you our favorite spots to eat, sleep & what to see/do!!!


European Coastal Airlines


  1. this is a very cool bit of information, thankyou. I will be in Le Marche in September and will investigate doing this. I would love to visit Split.

    • @Apollard – So happy! If you are visiting Le Marche in September be sure check out La Tavola Marche – it’s the farm, inn & cooking school we founded! The new owners are great & it’s a wonderful way to spend time in the area!!
      Enjoy your trip and definitly check out Split – we LOVED it!

  2. Brilliant, thanks for the info. Andrea??

  3. oooh how exciting. I arrived in Split on a ferry full of religious pilgrims preying on deck. For a while I thought they must of known something I didn’t – was very glad to dock. This though,this is way better.

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