This week’s podcast is an in-depth interview with Villa Cappelli owners Steven & Paul. Away from the tourists in one of the most beautiful undiscovered Regions in Italy, we hear from two American expats about life in Puglia, their favorite local recipes, the scandals of the south (from olive oil to gay rights) and restoring a centuries old villa.  It’s not all peaches and cream but the four of us expats are able to laugh over shared frustrations and missing bagels from NYC!!

The property is just stunning especially how they have paid homage to the history of the house. Getting married here would feel like you a straight out of an old film, tucked away in your own little borgo (village) and swept away by the old world charm of it all!
 The couple also produces olive oil and wine and we delve into the infamous olive oil scandal happening in Italy!! (Do yourself a favor and hop over to their site and pick up a liter or two of their beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it’s the real deal!)

Honestly this is one of my favorite podcasts we’ve recorded. And if you liked Steven and Paul, head over to their podcast – Living Villa Cappelli – available on iTunes as well.
Thanks for listening – A&J !!!
 PODCAST FROM ITALY: #88-Interview with Villa Cappelli
available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

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  1. Wow, you rock. Can’t wait to listen… going to be music to an olive oil addict’s liquid golden dreams!

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