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High in the mountains of Mallorca, many miles from the sea, nestled in the Serra Tramuntana is the sleepy village of Puigpunyent that hides a great history…it’s the stuff legends are made of; a valiant pirate turned knight, a king’s gift of an immense estate and centuries of olives pressed into liquid gold!

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Here above the thin veil of morning mist and the rooster’s crow, stands proudly Gran Hotel Son Net a boutique hotel that’s really at it’s heart is an agriturismo, okay, it’s the most luxe working farm I’ve ever seen (complete with a Presidential Suite, five star accommodations & spa)! The warm cardamon and cinnamon draws you in and up the grand staircase, past the old well and parlor. The tile floors beg you to wander the halls.

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The immaculate estate produces it’s own olive oil and wine, grows it’s own produce for the kitchen/restaurant and even has a menagerie of animals (the mini ponies and loud mouthed sheep were my favorites).

Truly a sustainable hotel (and coming from our farm in the Apennines of Italy we felt at home in these rugged mountains), the owner restored the estate surrounding the hotel championing the use of ecological farming methods in the hotel’s kitchen garden and the vineyards, where the indigenous Malvasia and Callet grapes have been planted close to the ancient olive trees that surround the estate. Plus, the original olive press with all it’s glory & history is the center of attention in the massive dinning room! The chef draws inspiration first from what’s in season, secondly what’s in the garden and third from his travels. The menu is constantly changing!

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Now let’s get to the goods – the room & view! What can I say – we were unexpectedly upgraded to the Presidential Suite, I’m not going to argue when that happens (would you?!) The suite was exactly that – Presidential in every way from the not 1 but 2 queen beds (because that’s the way the traditional Royal way) to the antique art adorning the walls, the wood paneled ceilings to the bathroom bigger than our old apartment in Brooklyn and panoramic view of the village below and mountains above. We were hard pressed to want to leave the room – let alone the terrace, watching the sunrise and set each day in perfect peace.GranHotel SonNet by AshleyBartner-40

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For a unique birds eye view of …well everything climb to the top of the Treehouse for an unforgettable private dinning experience! For the treehouse fans out there you would love the engineering of this cedar structure with beautiful massive iron supports.

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The concierge will go above and beyond to help plan your holiday while at the hotel – from horseback riding to helicopter rides, fishing trips to cooking classes or you can easily stay for a week and while the days away by the pool and afternoon in Palma to visit the bustling local markets.

The beautiful rustic dinning room and antique olive press:

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I am a sucker for a big fat juicy burger, especially while on vacation – it’s the itch I can’t stop scratching, typically it’s late night room-service call, however this time I opted for the more civilized burger lunch on our terrace! Jason opted for the classic Club and we devoured both in the warm sun with a local Spanish beer!

During Spring & Summer they open the terrace for dinner with live music, I guess we’ll just have to come back! And by the way the sweet and sleepy town below is just lovely – perfect for a mid-day stroll, photos and lunch with the locals.

We shared a few LIVE! broadcasts during our stay via Periscope! More videos of this beautiful hotel to come – visit our Youtube page and subscribe so you don’t miss a film!

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The Details:

Gran Hotel Son Net
Mallorca, Spain
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Dinning: Oleum, The Gazebo and The Treehouse
Family friendly, sustainable and old world luxury – rooms start at 152 Euro.

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  1. Hi Ashley, we stayed at Tavola Marche some years ago, remember it fondly, and I’ve enjoyed your blog. Just thought I would let you know that the word dining does not have a double n in it. You consistently spell it dinning, and as I suspect there will be a lot about dining going forward (hooray!), I thought you might like to know.

    Keep up the great work, we look forward to hearing about your future adventures!

    Pat Boomer

    P.s., if you don’t know them already, check out Venice Bites Food Tours. Adam and Maya Stonecastle are killing it in Venice, truly wonderful people and a great food tour. Like you two, they are the brave ones – just picked up and moved to Venice for the love of it. There might be some synergy there….


    • Thanks so much Pat! I am a terrible horrible no good editor! I appreciate your note and will go back and try to find them –
      I’ll be sure to check out Venice Bites sounds great!!

  2. Charlene hadfield

    Ashley, this is absolutely fabulous! If I were to go anywhere, this would definitely be the place. You sold me on it!

  3. Received your video of GranSon net Mallorcain my email! What an enchanting picture you’ve portrayed! The music fit well … would love to know more about that as well. Anyway, just wanted to commend you on your wonderful Marketing ideas for these amazing places!

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