Think J.Crew/Madewell meets American Apparel but it’s even better because it’s made in France by a super conscientious company of women !

So my ideal style is something that “effortlessly” combines sustainability (feels good), accessible luxury (looks good) and is comfortable (which means I’ll actually wear it)! I struggle to find things I can wear on the farm while wrangling chickens, shopping at the market AND  filming at a five star hotel – I’ve got range. Like most of you, I peruse instagram or pinterest lusting after looks I can’t ever find online to buy and probably couldn’t afford it if I could (ie. goopy prices).  That eco-chic vibe is hard to find when you’re over hemp skirts and linen shirts. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Les Sublimes, a “responsible” line with my same sense of style…or at least the style I want to have!

Proudly from Paris, Les Sublimes offers a curated closet of stylish investment pieces and beautiful wardrobe essentials, designed to carry you effortlessly from brunch in Brooklyn (my old life) to a safari in the Serengeti (one day!).

And here’s the best part taken straight from their site:

With every piece you purchase you give one month of education to a young girl in need. Because we believe that educating girls is the best way to end poverty permanently. One piece. One Month.

It’s guilt-free / feel-good shopping, which is the best kind – so in that case, the least I can do is fill my cart and place my order!

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