A year ago today Jason earned his Private Pilots License in France!! It is a huge accomplishment and I couldn’t be more proud of the work and dedication he put in to make one of his dreams come true!  Cooking has always come easy for him, like a musician that can pick up any instrument and just know how to play – that is Jason with cooking, it’s just somehow in his blood. Trigonometry & aerodynamics now that’s a horse of a different color! We relocated to the quaint village of Limoges in the heart of the Haute-Vienne for a few months so he could dedicate his time to learning to fly.

He chose “Flying in France” with Aeroclub du Limousin for a few reason –

1. Weather. Limoges has a bit of a micro-climate, yielding a high percentage of clear skies in the middle of winter.

2. Research. Jason did his research and these guys came out tops with outstanding reviews! His instructors were both English pilots meaning there was no language issues either.

3. France. When he wasn’t flying – it was all about the French food!

The Aeroclub du Limousin became his home away from home – arriving just before the sun with buttery croissants in tow for the Club, leaving late after all the planes were put away. He loved every minute of it – especially the mornings and of course the time in the sky with his instructors Stuart & Roger.


File 17-03-16 18 55 24 flightschool-6

Next up – the night rating…

File 17-03-16 18 58 11

I have TONS of flight footage to share – maybe one day we will create a little series of flying about in France, Italy and Spain and our favorite places to eat along the way…!!

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  1. Good luck for everything that’s in store! 🙂

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