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During my MAKE FILMS Course I was challenged to think of a series to create & share on instagram. I knew what I wanted to do right away, an idea I’ve been playing with for awhile – share stories of people that continue age old work with their hands: artisans, creators, farmers, butchers, iron workers, cashmere weavers, painters and even book makers. I’d call it – “A Dying Breed” – because that’s just what it is if we don’t continue and share these stories hoping to inspire others to use their hands to create something beautiful may that be pottery, a luscious sweater or hundreds of kilos of cured meats!

I read an article years ago about a handmade cashmere sweater maker in Southern Italy. He was being interviewed during the financial crisis and the magazine asked if he was nervous that his beautiful clothing would go unsold. His reply has haunted me for years, “There will always be a market for high-end handmade goods. My fear is not who will buy it, but who will continue to make it.” This is my great fear for Italy – as the next generation leaves the boot quicker and quicker for other opportunities it takes with the tlaent that could continue these local traditions. (And we’re talking hundreds and thousands of years of traditions!) So I may be a silly American expat but in the 9+ years we’ve been living in Italy, Jason & I have always been proud that we have done our best to continue the local seasonal and traditional recipes and way of country living.

A few books of the handmade books I custom ordered…

So what’s a quick video, turned into a long story….Hope you enjoy my latest short film to share – a 15 second peak into studio of a young French book maker/binder. I met her last winter when we lived in Limoges, France and she was kind enough to share her story and passion of continuing these old traditions –

(I am still editing the full film, about 3minutes and will share it soon – it’s beautiful!!)

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