I apologize for the radio silence the past few weeks. I foolishly overestimated my blogging/website design capabilities!

After a total redesign and content creation for the website for La Tavola Marche (our farm, inn & cooking school) I was flying high, thinking I could do a little tinker here & there on the blog too, jazz it up a little… Instead I created almost a month of work; uploading, learning a new system ( vs, re-uploading photos & films, watching tutorials, pulling out my hair and I’m still left with questions & missing links! It’s felt like a mind numbing game of chess with myself – which I have no idea how to do – just like this!

So I present to you the new & continuing to be improved blog for No Half Measures! It’s a work in progress – still can’t figure out why some tags are working properly or how to get my video to auto play at the top of the page…but I’m getting there. I’ve got my eye on the queen & I’m damn near ready to shout ‘Checkmate’ and move on to my next web/blog design project to tackle –


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