Costa Brava Dusk Timelapse

During a recent road trip along Spain’s Costa Brava we fired up the sometimes fickle GoPro for a quick evening time-lapse of the passing clouds and setting sun – and hey! it worked out pretty well this time. Finishing up the next #Favorite5CityGuide for Costa Brava filled with all our […]

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Favorite 5: Weekend in Split, Croatia

Recently we ventured across the Adriatic to visit Croatia, a land… not so far away & surprisingly similar to Italy from the sun-bleached beach towns dotting the Adriatic Coast & friendly locals to the Marche-Emiglia inspired tagliatelle (local pasta) & brodetto (fish soup) these two countries, are like cousins with […]

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Piemonte: Spring

After a five hour drive from our farmhouse in Le Marche we arrived – grande Piemonte, we’ve heard so much about you from the endless vines, truffles and risotto to infamous Alps looming above – it was all true except for the damn Alps – we were fogged in the […]

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